Marty Kaplan

University of Southern California No Comments

Name: Marty Kaplan

School: Southern California State University

Subject: Entertainment, Media and Society

Exposed by: N/A

Offense: In December of 2015, Professor Kaplan published an article in The Huffington Post entitled “The Seven Stages of Too Much Trump Media Disorder.” In the article, Kaplan refers to Trump as a fascist, narcissist, and extremist bully: “This is what fascism looks like when it comes to America. Trump demonizes Mexicans and Muslims. He insults women, mocks the handicapped, jeers at journalists. He dismisses the Bill of Rights as a cover for political correctness. He’s obliterated the boundaries of civil discourse. He’s a narcissist, a nativist, a vulgarian, a demagogue.

Indoctrination Score: 2.5