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Name: Brittney Cooperbcooper_252_jrw.jpg.CROP.thumbnail-small

School: Rutgers University

Subject: Africana Studies

Exposed by: N/A

Offense: In May of 2015, Professor Cooper used the motorcycle gang shooting that occurred in Waco, Texas to build a case against white privilege. Cooper published an article in Salon arguing that there was not enough “white shame” in the coverage of the shooting: “There is no sense of white shame, no hanging of the head over the members of their race that have been out in the world representing everything that is wrong with America.” She went on to say “Most white citizens will insist that this was just an isolated incident, even though the gangs were already under surveillance for consistent participation in criminal activity. And this studied ignorance, this sense in which people could look at this set of incidents and simply refuse to see all the ways in which white privilege is at play.”

Indoctrination Score: 2.5