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imagesName: Peter Singer

School: Princeton University

Subject: Bioethics

Exposed by: N/A

Offense: Professor Peter Singer appeared on the Aaron Klein Investigative Radio Show, where he argued that its “reasonable” for the government to kill of mentally disabled babies. To justify his opinion, Singer pointed out that doctors commonly kill babies with massive brain hemorrhages: “If an infant is born with a massive hemorrhage in the brain that means it will be so severely disabled that if the infant lives it will never even be able to recognize its mother… doctors will turn off the respirator that is keeping that infant alive.” He went on to say that “a normal newborn baby has no sense of the future and therefore is not a person.”

Singer has made this argument many times in the past, including in his 1979 book “Practical Ethics,” where he argues that “killing a disabled infant is not morally equivalent to killing a person. Very often it is not wrong at all.”

Indoctrination Score: 3.5