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5210-45Name: Robert George

School: Princeton University

Subject: Constitutional Law, Philosophy of Law, Political Philosophy

Exposed by:N/A

Offense: In June of 2015, Professor George declared that those who object to same-sex marriage are to be stigmatized as part of the “Bob Jonesification of dissenters.”

From Campus Reform:

“Speaking rhetorically from “the perspective of those who believe that full equality means the eradication of ‘bigoted’ ideas,” George asked why dissenting faculty and academic institutions should be tolerated. He argued that under this logic, academic accreditation and tax-exempt status for colleges along with tenure positions for faculty could be threatened based on their views of marriage.

“In the name of marriage equality and nondiscrimination, liberty, especially religious liberty including liberty of conscience and genuine equality as I would defend it, are undermined,” George said.”

Indoctrination Score: 4


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  • Umm, you do realize that Robert George is a leading conservative intellectual, right? And that in the quotes excerpted he was speaking rhetorically to highlight what he views as the absurdity of the other side?