Charles Strozier

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image0021Name: Charles Strozier

School: John Jay College of Criminal Justice

Subject: History

Exposed by: N/A

Offense: In November of 2014, Professor Strozier wrote a piece in the Huffington Post titled “How Climate Change Helped ISIS.” In it, he argues that rapidly warming temperatures severely hurt farmers and put millions of people into poverty, which in turn helped ISIS rise to power.

As the Obama administration undertakes a highly public, multilateral campaign to degrade and destroy the militant jihadists known as ISIS, ISIL and the Islamic State, many in the West remain unaware that climate played a significant role in the rise of Syria’s extremists… Many became climate refugees.” He continued, “If more Americans knew how glacial melt contributes to catastrophic weather in Afghanistan—potentially strengthening the Taliban and imperiling Afghan girls who want to attend school—would we drive more hybrids and use millions fewer plastic bags? How would elections and legislation be influenced?” Further, “While ISIS threatens brutal violence against all who dissent from its harsh ideology, climate change menaces communities (less maliciously) with increasingly extreme weather.

Indoctrination Score: 2.5