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Name: Jack Russell Weinsteinweinstein2

School: University of North Dakota

Subject: Philosophy

Exposed by: N/A

Offense: In 2014, Professor Weinstein wrote that gun owners are not a protected group under the U.S Constitution. Russell encourages others to leave institutions where open carry activists are present, even if that means not paying the tab at a restaurant or leaving your groceries behind at a supermarket. After his article went viral, Professor Russell created a youtube video further discussing this topic, and more specifically, how people should deal with open carry activists:

First of all, under the Constitution, we have protected groups and traditionally marginalized people—women in this country, African-Americans in this country, gays and lesbians in this country—if you leave because they’re there and they’re no threat to you, than that’s a problem. Gun owners are not a protected group. The right to carry weapons may be, depending on where you are; the right to bear arms certainly is, but of course the right to bear arms doesn’t mean the right to bear every arm, it doesn’t mean the right to bear all the arms. It only means the rights to bear arms.” He continued, “Gun rights activists do not have a history of institutional discrimination. They do not have a history of being denied the right to marry, the right to go to school, being denied the right to vote. They haven’t been slaves. They weren’t subject to the Holocaust. They haven’t been beaten in the streets.”

Additionally, Weinstein said “If you’re afraid for your life, you just get up and leave. Maybe the restaurant pays the bill themselves, maybe the activists pay the bill.”

Indoctrination Score: 3.5