Stephen Verdon

Redlands East Valley High School No Comments

Name: Stephen Verdon563004_4569556557775_366695401_n

School: Redlands East Valley High School

Subject: English

Exposed by: Anonymous

Offense: In his speech and debate class, Professor Stephen Verdon showed students a video from DemocracyNow.Org, which featured a panel of radical leftists discussing and praising a book titled “Imagine: Living in a Socialist USA.” At one point in the video, liberal activist and co-editor of the book Francis Goldin attacks the right for “suppressing the vote.”

Well I’ve been pretty depressed about the route our country is taking. It was shocking to me after all the years of struggle and the gains that we’ve made with regard to people voting, with regard to women having rights to abortion if they wanted it – all these hard won gains being destroyed by the right. They’ve decided that Democrats are not going to vote for them so the way they’re fixing it is to prevent people from voting.”

She goes on to say that socialism is “the most democratic form of government ever conceived.”

Allegedly, Professor Verdon has shown these type of videos to his class before.

The student who brought us this story (who wishes to remain anonymous) informed MyLiberalProfessor that he confronted the professor after class. Professor Verdon told him that he had no place in the debate because he wasn’t as informed as the panel featured in the video.

Indoctrination Score: 4