Melina Abdullah

Name: Melina AbdullahMAbdullah

School: California State University Los Angeles

Subject: Pan-African Studies

Exposed by: Lauren McCue

Offense: When Conservative writer and activist Ben Shapiro scheduled a speaking event at California State University Los Angeles, Professor Abdullah took to Facebook to urge a counter protest. Above a picture of a flier for the event, Abdullah posted:

You’re reading right… ‘When Diversity Becomes a Problem’ has been scheduled for 2/25 at California State University, Los Angeles, a campus that’s 90% students of color and during Black History Month. I say this event is a problem… What we go’n do y’all?!

Lauren McCue, who works for YAF, also reported that “Abdullah is also spreading fabricated rumors that conservatives are threatening to bring guns to the event. Despite multiple claims of such threats, CSULA YAF and Young America’s Foundation have been unable to uncover any evidence. The only threats with supporting evidence have come from leftists, including Professor Robert Donald Weide who challenged conservative students to a wrestling match, telling one commenter, “I lift, bro.” He also cryptically threatened to “macroaggress” campus conservatives in a bizarre message on his office door.

Indoctrination Score: 4.5