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MyLiberalProfessor.com is a website created by the Youth Revolt conservative media network. It is a database of professors in both high schools and colleges across the country who have documented histories of indoctrination or liberal bias.

The goal of our site is to help students be prepared to expose liberal professors should it become necessary. We feel that if students are aware of a professor’s political history both inside and outside the classroom, they can make a conscious effort to remain on alert as they sit through class.

The education system today is much more liberal than it was just two decades ago. There have been studies done that show left-leaning professors outnumber conservative professors significantly. While we recognize that educators are allowed to have personal opinions like the rest of us, we do not believe that these opinions should be imposed on students agains their will. School is a place where students should be encouraged to think openly and freely, not have a political agenda rammed down their throats.

We feel that the best way to fight back against leftist indoctrination is to expose biased professors, one by one, school by school. We must let them know that they¬†do have opposition, and that we demand an education free from militant political agendas that too often corrupt the minds of¬†America’s youth.

If you have a professor to report, click on “report a professor” on the main page.