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If you are going to record a professor in class without them knowing, it is very important to know the difference between one-party consent and two-party consent. One-party consent states only require one person (the student) to be aware that the recording is taking place. In other words, it it legal to record or tape someone without them knowing. Two-party consent states require that both the person recording and the individual being recorded (the professor) are aware that it is taking place. Below is a list of two-party consent states, followed by a list of one-party consent states.

NOTE: If you record a professor in a two-party consent state without them knowing, it is up to you whether you want to make that recording public. Be advised that it is against the law, but also know that many times professors do not pursue any legal action. MyLiberalProfessor and Youth Revolt are not liable for any legal issues regarding recording laws.


Two-party Consent States:

-New Hampshire

One-party Consent States:

-New Jersey
-New Mexico
-New York
-North Carolina
-North Dakota
-Rhode Island
-South Carolina
-South Dakota
-West Virginia