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Our database utilizes a scoring system to rank liberal professors based on how extreme their words or actions are. Several things are taken into account, including the manner in which the professor presented their views, whether it was said inside or outside of the classroom, and whether it was delivered verbally or in a written format. A professor’s indoctrination score varies between 1 and 5, with 1 being the least extreme cases and 5 being the most.


1 – The professor’s views are moderately controversial but by no means extreme. Their words mostly come in the form of an opinion piece written on social media, in a blog or newspaper.


– The professor’s views are certainly controversial but most would not consider them to be extreme. Their views are expressed in an opinion format via social media, online blog, or newspaper. Professors who score a 2 also include those who say moderately biased and inappropriate comments outside of class.


– The professor has written or posted something that is definitely controversial and some would even consider extreme. Professors who score a 3 also include those who say extremely biased comments in class or while speaking before an audience on campus


4 – The professor has taken an extreme view and made it public in a well known newspaper or blog. Professors who score a 4 actively try to promote a liberal agenda inside the classroom (or on campus) in a forceful manner.


5 – Professors who score a 5 have used their positions of power to force their students – a captive audience – to adopt his or her radical views. They do not encourage any debate or free thought.